Anti-Wrinkle and Line Smoothing



Fine lines and wrinkles can start to appear on your face as a consequence of ageing and loss of skin elasticity. You may see these on your forehead and between eyebrows (frown lines), & around the corners of your eyes (“crow’s feet”). These lines and wrinkles often have the effect of making you look “tired” and older than your age.




Botulinum toxin is actually an FDA-approved medicine (often abbreviated to “botox”). It is essentially a purified protein that can safely and effectively “freeze” the muscles of facial expression, softening and smoothing out these lines and wrinkles. It can also be used for dimpled chins and “gummy smiles,” to drop the upper lip which creates a more natural looking smile and exposes less visible pink gums. 

Because Botulinum toxin injections are currently unregulated in the UK,  it is essential that a trained & qualified medical practitioner carries out this treatment to avoid incorrect use that may result in excessively frozen facial muscles or an unnatural lack of facial expression.